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About Us

Archive Global Management is a Private Limited Liability company registered in Nigeria since 1998. We are an IT professional organization with specialization in the field of Archive and Record management.

We design, build and manage Archive and record facilities for both private and public sectors. We handle turnkey projects which comprises of constructing repositories, supply and installation of multimedia digital Archiving, Data migration & conversion services and Intensive capacity building program.

Archive Global Management provides record management service, helping companies to better manage data throughout their life cycle in different forms. productivity

Mission Statement

newvisionTo become “The First Choice in Archive and Record Management in Africa”. .

Corporate Vision

newvisioThe senseless destruction of professional records and information which is the bane of African Nations must have an end in order to forestall the illusion of developments to our enviable African continents in this 21st century and beyond.

A continent so rich that the whole world attests to its potential and endowment, yet living in the world of our shadow, allowing our nations and resources to be pondered by the so called colonial masters, must wake up to the challenges ahead of her by embracing modern technology, capable of turning her enviable resources into assets of immeasurable value. The above scenario is what has given birth to ARCHIVE GLOBAL MANAGEMENT LTD., in order to save the continental situation.