Electronic Document Management System

We are an accredited distributor of one of the most  robust software in the EDMS world today and we have other software that we are able to deploy for your organization in managing your day to day activity. We can create a virtual office for effective management from anywhere in the world.


Features Of Our Robust Electronic Document Management System

  • Cloud Storage of Records
  • Built-in Modules for Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity
  • Electronic Workflow (Automating your office processes)
  • Quick Search and Retrieval Capabilities (Text, keywords and metadata search)
  • 3rd party application Integration (e.g. Microsoft Office, Unified Communication, Data Captured etc.)
  • M-Files Mobile (Can work from your mobile)
  • Permissions (In terms of content sharing)
  • Offline Availability
  • It’s User friendly (No Need for IT background)