Expatriate Quota Applications

Our dedicated team meticulously handles the entire process, from preparing comprehensive applications to liaising with government authorities, streamlining the acquisition of expatriate quotas for our clients. With a proven track record, Archive Global takes the complexity out of international workforce management, allowing companies to focus on their core objectives.

Expatriate Quota Renewals

With our in-depth understanding of immigration policies and procedures, we streamline the renewal process, navigating any changes in requirements and documentation. Our commitment to efficiency and accuracy ensures that expatriate quota renewals are managed seamlessly, allowing businesses to maintain a skilled international workforce without disruptions.

Permanent and Temporary Resident Permits

With a commitment to efficiency and personalized service, we specialize in facilitating the acquisition of both permanent and temporary resident permits, offering a comprehensive range of services to meet our clients' immigration needs. Our dedicated team navigates the intricate processes involved in obtaining these permits, ensuring compliance with immigration laws and seamless transitions for individuals and families.

Citizenship application processing

Archive Global is a leading provider in the efficient processing of citizenship applications, guiding clients through the intricacies of the citizenship acquisition journey. We offer comprehensive support, from document preparation to liaising with relevant authorities, ensuring a streamlined and successful citizenship application process

Grant of Citizenship

Facilitating the grant of citizenship, offering tailored solutions to individuals seeking citizenship in various countries, Archive Global navigates the intricate legal processes, providing comprehensive support from application preparation to the final grant of citizenship.

Special Immigration status

Archive Global is committed to facilitating a smooth transition for individuals seeking special immigration status, ensuring legal compliance and a compassionate approach to immigration services. Ensuring a thorough understanding of each client's situation, providing personalized guidance throughout the application process and advocating for their specific needs.

Licensing of Public places of worship

We specialize in facilitating the licensing process for public places of worship, ensuring compliance with local regulations and legal requirements. Our dedicated team provides comprehensive support, guiding religious organizations through the intricacies of licensing applications, and fostering a smooth relationship with regulatory authorities.

Formation of Statutory Marriages and related matters

We are a leading authority in the seamless facilitation of statutory marriages, offering expert guidance on legal requirements and overseeing the entire process to ensure compliance with relevant regulations from documentation and registration to providing clarity on marital rights and responsibilities..

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